Digitalocean review


There are many ways to host a website. In case of WordPress there are 4 options. Shared hosting is the most popular option.For $4-$7 you are able to host several websites, part of the deal is also a free domain. Premium WordPress hosting is a new generation of hosting. It’s optimized […]

Linode review


I host on Digitalocean. I always wanted to try Linode. Linode had a promotion for black friday which I gladly accepted. At first I just couldn’t find time to run some tests, but now I was challenged to start an interesting project which I gladly accepted. I have to admit that […]

Top 10 Free backup solutions for VMWare and Hyper-v


First thought that came to my mind after migrating physical servers to virtual infrastructure was what to do with with the backup. Depending on your infrastructure you could already use a solid backup solution. Major difference between using backup for physical servers and backup optimized for virtual infrastructure is the […]

How to setup email expiry notification for free


I used to be a technician and worked in Help desk. I have good memories of those days. But some are not so good. Usually what drove us (technicians) to insanity were calls related to password expiration and password lockout. When a user calls in, explains he has a problem with […]

How to create OEM image for Windows explained


It took me a while to find a way how to create OEM image for Windows when we moved from Windows 7 pre-installed computers to Windows 8 pre-installed  OEM computers. When you want to replace old computers you usually buy a large batch of new computers. OEM computers usually come with […]

Watch out for bad WordPress themes


If you have a passion to write and decide to start with a blog first question you have is: ”What will be a name of my domain?” The second question you have is: ”Which CMS will I use?” WordPress, Joomla or Blogger? Why and do I want to pay for […]