How to enable Telnet in Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7


After Windows XP, part of Microsoft secure initiative was to disable programs and services which were not needed by default in Windows. This applies to both, Windows and Server editions. When you were using Windows XP, telnet was bundled in the installation. All you had to was to type telnet in to the command line. In […]

Awesome Software deployment – PDQ Deploy

Rated 5 stars

I am a big fan of automation and software deployment is one thing that must be automated. You can manually deploy software if you work in a company with 10 people. If you have more users and install software manually, then something is wrong. There are many ways you can deploy software automatically, you can use […]

Softerra Adaxes Part 2 deep dive and a reason for life


Softerra Adaxes got under my skin, I admit. I love using it and I love what it can do for me, my department and a company. In part one I couldn’t hide my excitement. After being with the product for a while I have decided to write a second part focusing more on Role based delegation, Approval based […]

Increase Productivity with Sangfor Easyconnect

Rated 4.5 stars

Yesterday I found one great product for remote users. I wish It was on the market years ago. First let me tell you about my problem. We use ERP application which is the main application in our environment. Unfortunately it’s not web-based. We also have many locations, from warehouses, distribution to remote offices. They all […]

Vision Helpdesk Review – you may be surprised

Rated 4 stars

I like Service Desk, ITIL and I am hooked with testing the various products. You see, there is no perfect product. All of tested products so far have some strange anomaly. It may be with the way it was designed, or the way you have to use a feature or two. Some crucial features may also […]

NoMachine – Remote desktop based on NX technology


NoMachine Company is the creator of the software with the same name, based on NX technology. The main purpose of the product is to provide remote desktop access. Business model of the company NoMachine is designed in a way that the basic software product which provides remote desktop access between two NoMachine instance is completely […]

Nakivo Backup and Replication 5.6 shines


Nakivo Backup And Replication is a great product and best of all it is very affordable. You can read why I like it so much in a review I did a while ago. One main advantage Nakivo has over other, even major vendors is ease of use, stability, lower resources requirements than some competition and […]