How to easily set up server with HHVM plus PageSpeed


There are fantastic web hosting companies which offer all of the latest technologies to their customers, for example Wpengine, Kinsta hosting and RTCamp, creator of EasyEngine. Unfortunately latest and greatest is not that easy to set up. If you like to tinker and host your own website, with the latest technologies and achieve similar result, what […]

OS and Application Virtualization for everyone


Not long ago running operating systems inside on top of the installed system seemed like impossible. Now almost every computer has the power to run multiple systems on a computer. You can run Linux, Multiple Windows, OS X and even Unix on top of your primary operating system. You can run OS X on a company […]

WP Rich Snippets key pillar of every review website


In the past two years running this website, I learned a lot about WordPress. First thing I noticed is how I got to love it. I admit that at first I was a bit cautious, especially since I had to choose a platform. Joomla, Blogger, WordPress? You know, that decision will mark your future. Will you […]

Synology DSM 5.2 – improve and refine


Synology is not resting. Recently announced latest beta DSM 5.2 which improves and refines a great predecessor. They have added polish and additional features that bring a series of small and big improvements to an already a solid foundation. Currently, Synology has one of the best if not the best operating system for network attached […]

Digitalocean review


There are many ways to host a website. In case of WordPress there are 4 options. Shared hosting is the most popular option.For $4-$7 you are able to host several websites, part of the deal is also a free domain. Premium WordPress hosting is a new generation of hosting. It’s optimized with latest technologies to make […]

Linode review


I host on Digitalocean. I always wanted to try Linode. Linode had a promotion for black friday which I gladly accepted. At first I just couldn’t find time to run some tests, but now I was challenged to start an interesting project which I gladly accepted. I have to admit that using Linode proved a good […]

How to clean up AD with Lepide active directory cleaner


It’s this time of the year again. I will probably receive notification for IT Audit in about 14 days. IT Audit is a process that is quite stressful for IT Managers. There is always something you can forget. There are just so many factors you can miss to review, from AD, Databases, ERP access, Backup, Security, Access […]

Top 10 Free backup solutions for VMWare and Hyper-v


First thought that came to my mind after migrating physical servers to virtual infrastructure was what to do with with the backup. Depending on your infrastructure you could already use a solid backup solution. Major difference between using backup for physical servers and backup optimized for virtual infrastructure is the way backup is done. Physical […]